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Friday, July 13, 2012

God Moves Mountains and Mammas

I have been so excited and scared to write this blog! It seems too good to be true and my heart trembles at how great and awesome our God is! I have the most exciting news to share and am bubbling over to shout it out! I wanted to make sure the most important people knew first and all roads were cleared before announcing it. Let me start back last friend Clint came to see me in Lampasas and brought me the book, "Supernatural Ways of Royalty" by Chris Vollatton and Bill Johnson (see here)and it rocked my world! This was during the most spiritual growing time of my life and the Lord was rocking my world! Anyway, in the book they were talking about the school at their church, Bethel and my heart almost pounded out of my chest. I knew that is exactly the kind of place I wanted to be as a teacher and exactly the kind of place I'd long for Kya to get an education! Figured that was another crazy fantasy and it would never happen in a million years, so I just stocked it away in my fantasy file. I just prayed that I would be obedient to whatever God wanted for me! I just let go of all control I thought I had over my life and and allowed the Lord to lead me in all areas. Well, through a series of closed doors, I knew that Lampasas was not going to be the long term plan for us (I had an instinctual feeling about this from the get go). At the end of May, I began a Daniel Fast and praying daily with two other women (saints named Heather and Gail). We were on our faces before God, begging Him to show us where He wanted us. My heart's desire kept repeating over and over that I wanted to be a part of Bethel and I wanted Kya a part of it. I wanted her to be taught to be a world changer and a mighty royal woman of God. So, we prayed about it, asking the Lord if that was in fact where He wanted us. I randomly called the school at Bethel and asked if they were hiring teachers for the next school year, and lo and behold...they were. I filled out the long application that asked me deep rooted questions and was very honest about what has been happening in my marriage. I figured that alone would have been a reason a church wouldn't hire me. In spite of my insecurities, they asked me to do a Skype interview and called that afternoon asking if they could fly me up to Redding for an interview in front of their school board. I am pretty sure I almost passed out in sheer excitement! I went in June and stayed with the Assistant Principal, who amazed me, and got to attend the Kingdom Culture Conference after my interview. I got to experience life at Bethel and felt such a peace there and knew it was the place for us! They offered me the job the last night I was there, and of course I accepted! The school board, the principals, the staff I met, the campus,the curriculum, EVERYTHING I saw was exactly what I knew the Lord had put so deeply in my heart long ago! I am not going to say it's been easy on my family and me moving so far away, that'd be an understatement! However, I was blessed with the most amazing parents in the world who love and support me and have never left my side! I'm incredibly blessed with a sister who is my rock and goes above and beyond to help me and is my biggest cheerleader and encourager! I also am blessed with a group of friends who love, support, pray for, and encourage me more often than I probably deserve! I am fortunate and blessed that Nick, in all of our mess, has been so kind and loving regarding this news! Of course, we're all sad about the distance...but the strength in these relationships is strong enough to surpass the greatest of distances! So, Kya and I will be moving to Redding California in a few weeks and starting school at Bethel! I will be teaching a 1st/2nd grade multi-level class and Kya will be in Preschool. Come up and visit us anytime! Blessings!


Pondering Harris said...

How wonderful :) Your excitement makes me excited for you! I do hope the Lord continues to move in miraculous ways to bring you both peace, contentment, love, and happiness.

bleedingdaughter said...

OH MY GOSH--- HOW AWESOME!!!! i am so glad for you. oh, praise God. waiting on the Lord does look best on people. im so glad youve been listening to him.

bleedingdaughter said...

OH MY GOSH!!! praise God! im so thankful that you were able to listen to your heart, and able to agree with the longings he placed there!

BiancaPair said...

Tawney, this is Bianca and I am sooooo excited for you! You are such an inspiration. :)

Kristin said...

I grew up in Redding, lived there for 18 years, and my mom and sister still live there. This is totally crazy!!!

And it's amazing too, because my sister is a teacher in Redding, and she just lost her job--in the public school system.....yet here you are getting hired.

Huge congrats!
It's such a pretty area, some of the most beautiful places around to be outdoors.

We must talk!!

call me. :)
Kristin Planinz

Anonymous said...

Tawny, this is Jessica, Kenneth's mom, I am so excited for you! Those kids are going to be so blessed to have you teaching them! Kenneth always says that you are his favorite teacher! You touched his life and always taught him to believe in himself and that means so much! Good luck to you and beautiful Kya on your new journey! God is Great!!
Love ya,
Jessica Saenz & family