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Monday, June 13, 2011

Lazy Days of Summer Sewing

I love to LOVE to sew! You'd think if I loved something so much, I'd be doing it all the time, but no, I don't do it near enough. I over-analyze every stitch and usually my OCD tendencies and perfectionism get the best of me and I scrap my half done project. Seriously, I have a stack of "almost completed" projects. It's quite ridiculous.
SSSOOOOO....this is my goal for the summer: I am going to sew at least five days of the week all summer (unless I am out of town). Here are the rules I've made for myself:
1) No nit-picking and critiquing. NONE! I'm going to be happy with what I produced and not tear it apart no matter how much it might kill me.
2) It can be simple hand stitching to taking a couple of days using an advanced pattern as long as I'm doing something sewing related!
3) (This is the hardest one)I have a little bit of a fabric addiction, like should probably attend an FA meeting if available. A couple of years ago when I first started sewing, I was given 11 trash bags full of fabric. (Check out my fabric armoir that really is organized...sorta

I have way too much of it, so here's my third rule....No fabric buying UNLESS it is from a thrift store or garage sale (those are the best vintage finds anyway, right?). I will allow the occasional notion, but that's it! I'm going to use what I've got and just try to be as creative as possible.

Here's the first week's results.

Monday- I actually sewed about twenty flags for a lady from church running a summer boy scout camp. I didn't get a pic, because they would be seriously boring!

Tuesday- Bathroom Curtains (Can't break rule #1, though I try not to cringe every time I go in the bathroom)

Wednesday- Yo-Yo's (Super easy, hand sewn and perfect for throwing on bows, etc.)

Thursday- Pillowcase Dress for Ms. Kya (used from a long ago thrift store find, fabric scraps from the apron I made Tiffany, and the camera strap I made for Jade). Kya specifically asked for pockets (because she loves finding coins, rocks, various small toys and putting them in her pockets only for me to remember as they are clanking in the dryer).
*Yep, that was the best picture I could get of my silly girl in her dress

Here's a hairpiece/bow I made for her out of the extra scraps and my bow stash. Sadly enough, this thing took me probably twice as long as the dress.

Friday-A matching dress for Kya's "baby". She was over the moon excited to have a matching dress with her cabbage patch kid. I had no idea! She's already requested more. Seriously, my rule number one would have been out the window with this one, but Kya's joy made it feel like I'd spent a hundred bucks. The baby even got her own bow (yeah, that might be actually some of the OCD coming out again in me.)

How cute are they together?

There you have it. I'm hoping by blogging it, my goal will be that much more attainable. I'm also hoping some of my sewing girlfriends will want to do this too (ahem...Addie). I'm making a little list of easy /fast sews and gifts I need to make, so that I won't have an excuse one day of not knowing what to make.
Hopefully, I'll become a better seamstress and FINALLY get some much needed gifts out!