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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Official Announcement:
I am hereby revoking Chicago's nickname "The Windy Cindy" and bestowing it upon it's rightful owner, Corpus Christi, Texas!
**This is being done because for about the hundredth time (this year), I have been running against the wind only to be going a slower pace than a 95 year old with arthritis. Congratulations Corpus, it is blogofficial!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's a beautiful day!

The pictures describe my last six months (the top being today, the bottom sometime in August).
For the first time in the last seven months or so, I finally had a "GREAT" day!!! I've been wondering if there was ever one in store for us, but lo and behold the day after questionining whether or not my precious Lord was watching out for us...He answers quickly, wholly, and fully! Shame on me for ever questioning my awesome God!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So, I've been wanting to write this blog for a long time, but haven't. It is long overdue! It is in dedication to all those people who continue to be generous and giving in spite of everything. Now, I know there are plenty of people around the globe practicing kindness and generosity, but what I choose to focus on are those who have done so in my life in the recent months.

1) My parents (this includes my mother in law). They continue to help their kids out even though we are grown and we don't ask. It's like they have a sixth sense about what and when we are in need of something.

2) Jennifer Lankford, Adde Cowan, Amy Peterson, and various others (family, friends, and neighbors included) that have clothed and entertained my child. She is now a one year old and we have not bought her one single item of clothing or toy (with the exception of the dollar maracas we got her at Christmas). Now Nick and I may sound really mean to our Kya, but we literally have not had to buy anything because she is so well stocked! It is a huge blessing, seeing as how we could never afford to buy any of these. The most amazing part is that these people have REALLY good taste and my daughter wears finer, fancier clothes than most Hollywood babies and plays with the COOLEST toys!

3) Neighbors- They have supplied piano studios, medical reporting, diapers, and lots of sweet treats! I don't know if I could ever move away from these wonderful people.

4) Family (some are not "blood" relatives, but close enough)-who have made Kya's first Christmas and birthday collectively memorable and exciting! All of those who came out to the middle of nowhere to celebrate a one year old's "pink barn" birthday party are just amazing to me! Thanks AGAIN to the grandparents for helping out so much financially and with everything else.

5) Shea Baxter V.-Shae and I grew up together in Midland. We haven't seen each other in probably 15 years, but have reconnected thanks to Facebook. Shea randomly saw on Facebook that we were going to have a carnival themed party for Kya this coming weekend. Shea emailed me and offered to send all of her materials from her child's carnival themed party. I asked if I could buy it and she said no. What Shea didn't know was that Nick and I weren't quite sure how we were going to manage to have a party due to funds. I show up at the post office today where they "drag" a HUGE box around the corner. This box contained pretty much everything we needed for the party. How does a girl who knows me so little now is willing to take the time and money to be so incredibly kind and generous? I'm baffled!

6) Misc.- Those people who continue to to randomly bless us for no reason. Whether it be a random gift, a painting for Kya, referring piano students, supporting my business, giving us their wisdom, and generally blessing our socks off!

I have been hesitant to write this because in no way would I want anyone's charity or pity. Struggling financially has proven to be a blessing in a lot of ways. It has shown us the true importance of things in life and to recognize the goodness of others. I think we had gotten so used to being the ones who "treated" and "gave", that it became more about us and less about God. Not to mention that I get to spend every single day with the MOST amazing little girl who I witness grow and become smarter, cuter, and more precious!

I am humbled and grateful!