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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dream Come True

You know that list that we all have (some in our heads)of things we just have to do/accomplish/see before we die? Well...I actually get to cross one of my list items off. Sunday night I got to be my dad's date to the broadway production of "Les Miserables".
Now, I know some of you may find broadway or musicals lame or boring (A-hem, my husband), but I have found them captivating. I can sing at least one song from most musicals/operas, and I know most of you are probably thinking what an incredible dork I am for that. However, it gets high school, I would come home from church on Sundays and sing to my broadway c.d.s for hours. I discovered Phantom of the Opera and fell in love (that is the other one I have to see before I die)and learned every word to the entire play. Then when I was 16, I discovered Les Miserables and thought I had died and gone to heaven. I absolutely LOVED the song "On My Own" sung by Éponine and immediately was drawn to her love sick character. It was so bad that I still know the exact time on each track of the c.d. that Éponine's character begins to sing. So, getting to actually see this amazing show live (and well-done) was just more than I could ask for. Thank you to my dad for being my date and the great time we had. Thank you to my mom for giving me her ticket AND watching Kya while I was there.
I hope all of you get to cross something off your list soon.