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Monday, April 13, 2009

Notes to Self

Notes to self (e.g., lessons I've learned this week):

1) Blackberries and 14 month olds...not an advisable(or clean)combination. Just F.Y.I.
They do stain...EVERYTHING!

2) Wal-Mart + Corpus Christi + Easter Day = the end of the world as you know it!

3) Giving an 86 year old a manicure will make her act 70 years younger, sass and all.

4) If your toddler pulls the box of cheerios out of the pantry and you don't put it away before you go on a bike ride with her....your three dogs will eat the ENTIRE box of cheerios (and some of the box), then lay around all day with giant bellies. (side note..somehow they still have enough appetite to lick said baby's face off after her lunch though.)

5) Telling your husband how much you enjoy him working out in the garage is great for his ego (even if your real reason in doing so is because it has made him take more showers).

6) DO NOT...I repeat, DO NOT do the following: a) be too prideful to buy an appliance from scratch and dent...or to spray paint your vent hood to match(it really did turn out looking great!) b) assume that since you work all day, everyday being a stay at home mom that when the husband has off will mean you'll get a day off sometime in there too. This will not happen! c) invite ten people over for a special Easter dinner without having any food and needing to grocery shop the day of Easter (see point 2). d) take your blessings for granted for one millisecond. :)


Will & Abby's Life said...


Kathy said...

OK, I have to ask: Are the fingernails on your blog the manicure you mentioned? They're wild!

Great blog, Sweetie. I'm so enamored with your love of life and your willingness and desire to touch other people's lives. I wish I could say that you're a product of your raising, but I think you would've turned out this way, no matter WHO had raised you or under what circumstances.

You make me very proud...

Love, Momma

Tawny and Kya said...

Haha. You're funny. No, those aren't Dorothy's nails. I googled elderly manicure images.
I have to disagree, I believe most of who I am....was who raised me and how they did.

Jenn Adde said...

I just now saw this blog :( These are all really great points. I can't imagine the scene after giving a toddler blackberries. I would imagine it looked like she ate a dark smurf for a wild, ravaging bear!